Farsam Shadab is a Connector and the founder of Enaxion, InterEnactive and the Bay Area’s first Integral Commons (2002-2004; also first in the USA). Farsam has researched Cognitive Science, philosophy, medicine, and for 20 years, Integral studies (both academic and applied, Synthesizing many years of research and deep interaction with technology thought leaders, engineers, and Founders, he is developing the world’s first full-realized Integral platform for “Holonomic” interactivity that marries decentralization tools (Holochain) with holistic AR. In 1998, Farsam’s early exchanges and ideation with Jimmy Wales included first concepts for what would become known as Wikipedia. He has presented his research for a series of audiences including technology Founders and innovators, and appeared at numerous conference panels alongside internationally-recognized Founders such as Alibaba’s Jack Ma and OpenCog’s Ben Goetzel.



Brooks Cole is a renowned innovation designer and team leader who has worked with emergent technologies for many decades. He’s recognized internationally as a thought leader, and is particularly passionate about and deeply experienced in building transformative products and designing experiences for people pursuing healthier, more humane lives. He has 30 years in communication design, and over two decades of experience in brand development and strategy, digital marketing platform architecture and execution, interactive media, media technology and production, information architecture and software development for corporate and non-profit clients. Brooks is a Patented inventor in information technology (Six Patents); is able to conceive of innovative intellectual property and supervise IP strategy and patent applications. Brooks’ Barcelona headquarters supports his staffs’ and various teams’ design, engineering, ideation and IP creation.


Owen is a PhD-level medical cognitive science researcher, technology use evaluator and investment analyst, who has worked with a series of founders to hone their materials to convey value for investors. He has published original research on physician cognition about diagnostics, designed executive dashboards, led a data science team that predicts future COVID infections at 95% confidence level, and engaged in extensive research in biometrics, cardiac and neural measurements,natural-language analysis,and artificial intelligence. Technology-innovation thought leader Jon Lebkowsky wrote the following: “Owen has exceptional skills as a research analyst and usability specialist, leveraging his capabilities as a professor and student of cognitive science.” Futures Lab Founder Derek Woodgate, in his book Future Frequencies, noted Owen’s work in Human-Machine Interaction and described him as someone “we need to listen to.”



Can you answer these questions?

Q) What would you like to see for tech that would benefit the world?

Q) How would you like technology to serve generations to come?

Q) How would you like a dialogue on technology to flow?

Q) How could your investments develop and deepen our relationship to nature, to life, and to each other? 

Q) What message can you share about/from Human Technology for the world to listen?

Q) What New Story can you share for the world?

Q) Where have we gone wrong? What fundamental change is possible?

Q) What wisdom can you share?

Q) What would you like to see in a new ‘Declaration of Benefit’ for the world, written by the people, for the people?